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Development of a companywide digital strategy

Digacon developed a companywide digital strategy of a swiss multinational company in cooperation with their CIO. The specific examination of the digitalization’s consequences – starting with the inherent business model, was a crucial aspect in the creation of the future digital strategic direction of the company. The already running digital initiatives of the company’s respective divisions were chosen as the gateway for the development of the digital strategy.

Even though the company’s digitalization already benefited from the individual digital initiatives, it was necessary to establish a superior construct to centrally steer the initiatives in the future.

For this purpose, all the important stakeholders of the respective divisions were closely incorporated in the development process, to integrate the various strategic digital projects into a single overall strategy. In order for the company to measure the accompanying added values, Digacon developed KPI’s for the individual divisions. Based on the developed digital strategy, the next step is to create a concrete roadmap, which specifies the implementation of concrete projects within the divisions.

IT Transformation Strategy

Digacon advises a company in the automotive field regarding the strategic reorientation of the IT department to a shared service provider. The first step was to develop a future model based on both the new strategic orientation of the company and the optimization potential of the current organization.

Action fields were identified and finalized, for example the definition of the offered services as well as cooperation models. In addition, action items for a successful transformation to the future model were defined and finally merged into a Strategy Map.

Application landscape for a state-of-the-art plant

Digacon supports the deployment of an application landscape for a state-of-the-art plant in the USA of a swiss global player with a comprehensive project management approach. In this project trends like Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and Paperless Production Processes are applied and implemented.

Due to the Digacon’s extensive experience in the management of large projects as well as utilizing functional and methodological competencies, Digacon ensures a framework for realizing the construction of a new plant in the USA.

International SAP MII Roll-Out

Digacon provides a holistic support in the field of global project management for an international roll-out of SAP MII in the healthcare industry. By utilizing the typical building blocks of project management, complex international sub-projects are organized, harmonized and completed in due time.

In addition to providing methodical competence, Digacon also delivers its expertise in defining and improving business processes.

Digital Tranformation for HR

Digacon assists the IT division of a multinational manufacturing company with the implementation of SAP SuccessFactors throughout the Design-, Build- and Testing-Phases by managing the Project Management Office and the data migration.

With Digacon’s support the customer is enabled to work with state-of-the-art technology, global standardization and therefore reaching out to the next level of digitalization.

Template for a global S/4 Hana Roll-Out

Digacon significantly supports the project management in all project phases from the conception to the roll-out of a global SAP S/4 Hana template of a swiss multinational company. The main feature of the applied project approach follows the SAP Activate Methodology – however, the methodology is tailored to the specific client needs and requirements, in order to ensure the success of such a large project.

Due to the extensive experience in managing template projects, Digacon substantially contributes to the project success, by designing a global template and implementing SAP S/4 Hana in the various locations.

Digital Readiness Check

Digacon observed the current state of the IT and the digital projects of a company in the automotive industry in order to present an external view of the actual situation. The results of the IT Healthcheck should serve to redefine the role of IT within the company.

For this purpose, various interviews were conducted during the course of the As-Is analysis in order to subsequently identify the weaknesses and optimization measures to be taken. Furthermore concrete suggestions for improvement and action measures were developed, which were finally compiled into a roadmap.

App Roadmap

Digacon advised a company in the automotive industry to develop new ideas in terms of innovative apps for the end customer. To this aim, Digacon developed a benchmark analysis for current OEM apps and analyzed the functionalities on the basis of various criteria. In addition, creative workshops were conducted with various stakeholders of the company to define and challenge further ideas and use cases.

The result of the project is the creation of a concrete roadmap for the development of future apps and the deduction of the requirements for the necessary APIs.

IT Service Management

Digacon defines and implements a new IT service catalog for a Swiss automotive group. Here, customer-specific requirements are merged with best practices and ITIL. Topics such as cost-accounting, customer orientation, service catalog construction, internal accounting processes and pricing are aggregated into a complex ecosystem.

In order to cope with this complexity, Digacon applies a high degree of methodology and expertise. In addition, related disciplines, such as enterprise architecture management and demand management, are integrated into the overall picture in order to achieve synergy effects in all expertise fields.

Retail App Development

Digacon supports a Swiss automotive group in developing a retail app that digitalizes the contact between customers and service stations. The first version offers the entire booking process for a service appointment. The app will be continuously extended with more uses cases and equipped with up-to-date functions.

Digacon guides its client along the whole value chain. Firstly, a detailed benchmark analysis resulted in uses cases. afterwards the app has been developed following a comprehensive concept. Lastly a market entry strategy has been worked out.

Based on short ways of communication and extensive know-how the app could be brought to the market within 4 months. Subsequently more use cases will be developed which will cope with the increasing customer expectations. Digacon meets the needs of today’s clients and helps to simplify the contact with end customers in the automotive sector.

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